Errant Golf Ball Policy

Bridges of Poplar Creek C.C. and Hoffman Estates Park District regrets any and all personal injuries or damages to personal property caused by golf balls alleged to have left the golf course property.  Understandably, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of errant balls in so far as it is an inherent risk of the activity.  Accordingly, the Hoffman Estates Park District and Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club assumes no responsibility for any and all personal injuries or damage to personal property caused by errant golf balls.  Please refer to the following district policy on all such incidents:

*    All golfers accept the responsibility for their actions while on the golf course property and are notified of such through signage that is displayed on the course.

*    An individual alleging a loss is permitted to accompany an employee of the golf course onto the course/range in an attempt to locate the individual who may have hit the errant ball.  If one fails to take this option it should be understood that it will be nearly impossible to locate and identify the offender.  Please note that it is NOT the employee’s responsibility to accuse anyone of hitting the ball.

*    It is your responsibility to exchange phone numbers, insurance company information and other pertinent details that you feel are needed.  The golf course staff is not responsible for determining it’s accuracy but will assist you in whatever way possible.

*    A complete report will be made out on the incident. For more information about the report please contact